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As part of the vision of Giveback community, we are launching a new mentor program to increase the competencies of anyone eager to learn new skills and gain new knowledge. We aim to make regular meetings by matching the people ( students or anyone willing to make a change in their career ) with a mentor within the scope of this program . In these interviews, students will be able to ask questions to their mentors, ask for help in issues they have difficulty in solving, and listen to appropriate resource suggestions for their development.

How Will The Program Work?

You can apply for a mentor or a student from the links at the bottom of the page. As a result of these applications, we will determine the people whose technical expectations are compatible with the draw method and make appropriate mentor-student matches. After this process, mentoring activities will be carried out entirely between the mentor and the student. The way we recommend it is to conduct a 30-minute interview once every 2 weeks or once per week for 2 months. This study can be carried out in writing form environments such as Slack or Telegram, or it can be done visually from platforms such as Zoom or Teams.

Additional Information And Dates

  • Mentoring works will be done voluntarily and these works will be completely free.
  • Mentor and student selections will be made by drawing lots.
  • If the mentor requests, he/she can mentor 2 or 3 students.
  • If there are fewer mentor applications or if there is no mentor application in the appropriate profile, some students may not be appointed as a result of the program.
  • Application deadline: Wednesday, April 29
  • Announcement date of applications: Monday, May 4
  • Application results will be made to the relevant people via e-mail.
  • If you have any questions feel free to ask at

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