What is Giveback community?

Hello community!

This giveback idea first appeared in a form of a though (like every idea) in the summer of 2019. While discussing it over a cup of coffee with a friend both of us realized how our region is filled with people who have deep knowledge about a certain topic and the right skills to make something out of it. On the other hand, being part of a lot of interview processes we realized how young people are a bit lost and just need the right guidance to start creating their own path.

And this is how we came up with Giveback. While the summer was more for kicking out new things and summerish out-goings this idea was on somehow on hold but it never went off our minds. Over the past few months we have talked with various people from the people & culture industry getting their feedback on the overall mentoring process. Just a few weeks back before all this COVID situation we were in the midst of gathering mentoring application and creating a meetup. Than 2020 strike with COVID situation and other Godzilla thingies so we stopped the whole roll-out.

But than we thought, isn't this the best time to launch the whole mentoring program?!

So here we are, launching the new mentoring program 2020 and we are inviting you all to become part of the ever-growing community of learners.

All of us need some path, or more exactly someone who can help us see the right path for us in this jungle of information that is surrounding us. A friendly voice, a wise mind that can clear the way out so we can reach the heights.

Maybe that is you?

It's always the right time to giveback to the community. Why not now?

Hope to see you.


Giveback community